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After my first child, Nathan, was born, I knew I wanted to pick up a hobby in my "downtime." I'd always loved to bake, and now I had the perfect opportunity in front of me. 

Turning to my home and heritage, I was inspired to make Ube cakes, one of the Philippines' most famous flavors. I found early success by sharing my work on social media - that very first month I sold 30 cakes!

In 2020, I went all out for everything Ube! The Bangor food scene already boasted plenty of delicious treats, so I knew I wanted to offer something new: Ube cookies, Ube whoopie pies, Ube brownies and not this brand-new selection of beloved classics.

Three years later we've grown beyond belief-shipping our cookies across the state and even the country, spreading joy far and wide!

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